Performance Without Exception



Runtime. It's a dumb comp-sci joke, we know. But it's also there to remind us what this sport is about. When you step on the field, O or D, the first point or universe, you had better be ready to run. 

Last game Sunday, the score is tied. Who has put in more more time on the field? Which team is better prepared to push themselves harder than they thought possible? You're either ready or you're not. Practice, workouts, scrimmages, tournaments. It's time to run.


Runtime is a men's ultimate team based in the DC/Baltimore area. It was founded in 2013 by alums of local college teams who saw the need for another space for players to grow and compete at a high level. We have qualified for Club Regionals in each of our three seasons, earning a rep for being stand-up guys in the process.


The purpose of our team is to improve men's ultimate in DC/Baltimore while being the best teammates and opponents we can be, on and off the field.