Performance Without Exception

As One Process Ends, Another Begins

Happy Monday Everyone! 

We're hoping that this post weasels its way across your desk, and that you get to spend a few minutes of your lunch hour or workday thinking about how awesome ultimate is instead of boring old job stuff. Cheers to Monday Malaise! 

Now that it's June, we wanted to acknowledge our brothers in ultimate combat, Medicine Men. We spent all of May working with JoePa, Fickley, Vance, and Fweddy to put together an awesome practice and tryout schedule. Between returners and newcomers, we saw almost 100 players in May come out for ultimate in Baltimore and we couldn't be happier about having this opportunity again in 2015. 

Special thanks for JoePa and Fickley for some excellent work on drills and scheduling, and an award of supreme nerdiness to Vance and Simon for bringing laptops, pictures of all newcomers, mobile hotspots, and Google Sheets into the mix. Now we can keep track of everyone!

We had more than 80 people out for our combined open tryout on Saturday (amazing!) and are now in the process of sending invites to Furniture City Shootout this weekend. We're also sending out our first round of cuts. If you're looking for communication from us, please make sure to shoot us an email. With the overwhelming number of tryouts, plus two teams vying for some excellent new teammates, it's been more of a slog than we're used to. 

Here's an outline of the next few weeks and the RUNTIME tryout process:

Here's to a great 2015 season for both teams and one more big shout out to everyone who's participated so far. 

Now get back to work, slackers. *sips coffee, opens twitter feed*