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RUN THIS WAY Pinnies for Sale!

Hey, we're ultimate players, you're probably an ultimate player....we know you love swag. We're also going out on a limb, and guessing that you'll appreciate a good RUN DMC joke when you see one. 

That's why we're offering a sweet custom reversible this season, available for anyone to order. 

Pinnie mockup.

We shopped around and have landed with Five Ultimate as our pinnie provider. (We'd like to thank VCS for the mockup, and assure those good people that we'll still be ordering our uniform kit in 2015 through you.) You can check out Five's sizing with this handy-dandy page. Each pinnie is $35. 


Yes, we've put together a special offer. If you have (or are still) trying out for RUNTIME in 2015, you can get your pinnie for $32. You're also eligible for this discount if you happen to be a roster player with Backhanded or Shadowbox Ultimate, our sister teams here in Baltimore. 

Look at that, sibling love. It's a beautiful thing. 

We can't wait to see most of the Baltimore/DC area rockin' these babies. Here's how to order: 

Ridiculously easy order form

All proceeds will help fund the 2015 RUNTIME season.