Performance Without Exception

  1. Warm up lap around field

    1. controlled jog, do not rush

    2. shuffles across back endzone line (switch sides halfway)

    3. zig zag when possible down opposite side line

      1. torso forward, start to engage hips

      2. chop feet when changing direction

  2. Dynamic Stretching (15 yds unless otherwise specified)

    1. Spidermans

    2. Lunges with a twist

      1. do not use back foot to push forward

      2. activates glues

      3. 90 angle with working leg

      4. push through heel to come up first

      5. twist to outside leg

    3. High-knee hugs

      1. pull knee tight to chest

      2. activates hip-flexors and glutes

      3. go slow

    4. Walking Quad Stretch

      1. grab ankle/shin with same arm

      2. push hips forward for more stretch

      3. tighten core when lifting; try not to lean forward/backward

    5. Figure-4 hugs

      1. grab opposite ankle/shin with opposite hand

      2. lift shin to open hips

      3. push up on toes of standing leg for extra stretch

    6. Single-Leg Dead Lifts (SLDLs or Drinking Birds)

  3. Dynamic Pt. 2 (80yds unless otherwise specified)

    1. high knees 20 yds to butt-kicks 20yds x2 (same thing back)

    2. Shuffle with a switch

      1. stay facing same side for both sets

    3. Cherry-pickers out, backwards run back

    4. Accelerators

      1. accelerate to 60%, backwards jog back

      2. accelerate to 80%, backwards jog back

      3. lateral start 90%

        1. start 3 steps out, cut to line

      4. lateral start 100%